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Web Word Wrestle™
The Internet Scrambled Letter Word Game
(Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, or XP)
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Web Word Wrestle is a fun way to locate as many words as you can from scrambled letters. Compete with an opponent over the Internet or play a solitaire version off-line. Increase your vocabulary and improve your spelling while having fun at the same time! Download it Now.

Web Word Wrestle screenshot

  • Connect Direct to an Opponent
  • Log into our Internet Server to find an opponent
  • Play in a Solitaire Mode
  • Watch the progress of your opponent
  • Turn sound effects off or on and choose your own wave files for sounds
  • Modify the look and feel of the puzzle
  • Choose the winning score value
  • Choose to have answers in all uppercase
  • Choose your own "User Name"
  • Chat with your opponent

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